Facial Massage

Face massage is something that you must indulge in as it has multiple benefits. For a glowing skin, it is essential to get a face massage done at least twice a month. Health benefits Massaging techniques can be traced back to ancient civilisations of India, China, EgyptRomeGreece and Mesopotamia. However, it has evolved over time to offer more benefits. Face massage comes with an array of exhilarating health benefits as it helps to reduce stress, increase blood circulation and also helps to cure sinusitis and headaches. The lymph nodes present in the chin and jawline areas need stimulation to release lymph fluid that can detoxify the facial area. Indulging in the luxury of a face massage is a stress-buster and alleviates the mood. A good massage, which ideally lasts up to 30 minutes, can also help strained facial muscles to loosen up and relax, thereby reducing wrinkles.


With many years of experience in the industry and having worked alongside leading photographers, Shubeda understands the importance and the impact professionally applied makeup can have to capture that perfect look. Our team of professional make-up artists and Hair Stylist are available to create a stunning look for any special occasion. For parties of 3 or more our team can happily come to your address (adding an affordable location fee) if away from Gold Coast OR you may choose to visit us at our studio.

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