Body Treatments

It is beneficial to have a relaxing treatment either before or after the wedding just to unwind yourself from all the stress you go through in preparing for the wedding… Leave the stress of daily life behind and experience beauty in its purest form. You will be left feeling relaxed and RADIANT….. Pure active ingredients in the FIRST LOVE Organic products accelerate skin regenerating and bestow vitality, protection and hydration..
ʻBody Bliss Exfoliation - 45 mins 

“Swoon in the bliss of a face and body mineral exfoliation. Your skin will glow with renewed vitality and your body will feel relaxed and nurtured... bliss.”

ʻBlissful Earth Rising Recoveryʼ Massage – 30mins / 60mins / 90mins

30 mins - area requested 
60 min - full body 
90 min - full body with head massage and foot reflexology 

“An energizing and balancing body massage with the luxurious ʻEarth Risingʼ organic lotion, blended with rich, certified organic plant, nut and seed oils, herbal infusions and healing aromatic oils to nourish your skin while lifting you beyond the stresses of daily life, allowing the dissolving of accumulated tension. Nourishment and a healing touch, gifting your body the feeling of renewal...bliss.”

“Earth Rising lotion is abundant in essential fatty acids and vital nutrients to provide exquisite hydration, restoring suppleness and skin elasticity. Potent Antioxidants boost the skinʼs natural defences against environmental stresses and reduce the appearance of the natural signs of ageing. All the while you breathe in the pure symphony of organic essential oils of pure organic Rose Otto, Jasmine absolute, Sandalwood and Chamomile. Each note, a precious gift from natureʼs kingdom to support and encourage our innate capacity for renewal, purification and wellbeing.”

ʻBody Bliss Signature Renewalʼ Ritual – 120 mins* 

“Swoon in the bliss of a full body mineral exfoliation, including a ʻBlush of First Love Organicsʼ facial, followed by an energizing and balancing body massage with ʻearth risingʼ lotion, hot stones and rich, certified organic plant , You are then wrapped in a gently detoxifying fragrant herbal body wrap. While you are cocooned in the gentle warmth, a neck and head massage will release any lingering stress, so you emerge feeling relaxed, nurtured, re-newed... bliss.”

‘Love of Light’ skin candle massage - 60 mins

Choose from Rose, Jasmine or Sandalwood or experience all three at once for a total indulgence.

Your candle is lit to warm the organic shea butter and wax, which is then poured onto your skin and used in a massage. The natural oil residue is only slightly warmer than your body temperature. Our skin candle is hand made with certified organic ingredients, rich in Vitamin A, B, C, E & F with a lead free cotton wick. Your skin will be left feeling silky smooth and moisturized with the light scent perfuming your skin beautiful. This can also be burned at home to fragrance your room, and the warm wax used as cuticle treatment, for heels, feet and any dry skin that needs extra nourishment. Used straight after a shower, your ‘love of light’ candle wax will lock the moisture into your skin, which is great in winter or dry climates.


With many years of experience in the industry and having worked alongside leading photographers, Shubeda understands the importance and the impact professionally applied makeup can have to capture that perfect look. Our team of professional make-up artists and Hair Stylist are available to create a stunning look for any special occasion. For parties of 3 or more our team can happily come to your address (adding an affordable location fee) if away from Gold Coast OR you may choose to visit us at our studio.

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